Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Israels Economy Essays - Eastern Mediterranean, Israel, Republics

Israel's Economy Israel's economy stands on natural resources. Copper and salt can be found there. Also, natural chemicals like potash and phosphates come from the Dead Sea area. Israel is one of the top producers rubber, plastics and chemicals. Also, clay and sand come naturally to Israel. Scientists have proven that Israel can grow fruits and vegetables in its hot and dry deserts. That gives them a bigger amount of plants to sell and help their economy. Citrus fruits and vegetables help a great deal to Israel's economy no matter where they're grown. Israel's economy needs a little help but their natural resources do quite a bit for them. Israel depends on trading with other countries and manufacturing goods in order to have the things they need. Israel's main trading partners are England, America, Germany, Italy and France. In fact, one third of the country's exports go to The US. Clothing and other household goods are manufactured in Israel but are mostly not traded because the country is unable to make enough of an abundance. The clothing industry employs over 46,000 workers in Israel. Israel is also the top exporter of cut and polished diamonds. Products for the military have to be manufactured because of their political state. The only vehicles manufactured in Israel go to their armed forces, forcing them to import all of their cars. Israel produces electronics like laser equipment, image processing devices and fiber optic materials. Israel trades great amounts and manufactures great amounts. All of this gives them a better economy. Israel has huge amounts of tourism. More than 2,000,000 tourists visit the country every year. Tourism is one of Israel's most profitable industries. People travel to Israel because of their religion, to visit family or for just sight seeing. In 1986, 929631 tourists traveled to the country by air. All of those tourists earned Israeli airlines a total of over 210 million dollars all in one year. Recently, tourism has declined but still, 20 percent of Israel's visitors each year come from the United States. The number of tourists helps the economy because there are many sights.

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