Sunday, January 5, 2020

F. Scott Fitzgerald s Montag s Faces - 1269 Words

The Least Expected â€Å"There you are! Get IN!† Montag looks up incredulously, and sees Clarisse s’ head is bobbing up and down in the darkness, in what seems to be a helicopter not unlike one already hunting him down. Words could not seem to form in his mouth, and instead, his gaping face fills with the dark water of the river. Perhaps the technological advancements of this helicopter are on his side, considering that seconds later a mechanical claw was lifting him out of the murky abyss. A relieving thought among all of the confusion, that this must have been the helicopter he saw flying ahead, rather than the forces out to find him. The expression on Clarisse and Faber’s faces were complete and utter opposites, with Faber s look of stark†¦show more content†¦Prison and death would come at no surprise, but a forbidden helicopter full of books and supposedly deceased neighbors? Definitely not. â€Å"It strikes me as funny that we could find you so easily. The forces are still searching, aren’t they, Granger?† Said Clarisse calmly, continuously shocking the others with her young age. â€Å"I believe so,† says one of the men, checking his seashell. Suddenly, he looked extremely panicked. â€Å"What? What is it?!† Asks Faber, nervous already from all of the commotion. â€Å"There are reports of bombings coming over the United States as we speak!† All in one swift movement, Clarisse sniggers, Montag trips over a copy of The Odyssey, Faber cries out, and the pilot of the helicopter pulls the wheel all the way to the right. â€Å"Good thing we’re already England bound!† â€Å"What is there in England for us? We’re fugitives, sinners, and deadheads! This was a mistake. This was all an incredible mistake. I’m so sorry. I’ve affected not only you all, but my wife, my city, and my job... I’ve made an incredible miscalculation of my capabilities.† Montag seemed to be full of despair, only further exemplified by his lack of motivation and anti-testimony. Clarisse, Granger, and the other men had no immediate reaction, instead continuously unperturbed. They remained seated, with only an expression of slight amusement. Nothing seemed to penetrate their confidence in their mission, which made Faber and Montag only grow more discontented. Faber exclaims, â€Å"Where

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